Blast Cleaning, Protective Coatings, Thermal Spraying, Resin Flooring


Flame spray is among the oldest methods of applying thermal sprayed coatings. Its long history has afforded a great deal of refinement and improvement, and although the guns used today still perform the same basic function, their operation, and even the materials they spray, continues to reflect the latest innovations in thermal spray technology.

This process is basically the spraying of molten material onto a surface to provide a coating. When the spray contacts the prepared surface of a substrate material, the fine molten droplets rapidly solidify forming a coating. Thermal spray coatings can be sealed with High Temperature Sealer (> 540 Degree's C), or sealed and top coated to any BS or RAL colour.

The main advantage of Thermal spraying is it provides more long term protection so the requirement for repeat treatment is of a much longer period thus reducing down time associated costs. Ideally suited for use in a wide range of industries including but not limited to renewable energies, offshore, oil & petrochemical, industrial, gas turbines, aerospace etc.

The long term protection quality of thermal spray application preserves the life of equipment against aggressive marine conditions.

 Flame Gun Cross Section

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